Holloman in the Cooper

Holloman in the Cooper/Eromanga Basin

Holloman Energy holds an interest in 3,444 square kilometers (851,030 gross acres) of oil property under two Petroleum Exploration Licenses (“PELs”) granted by the Australian government. PEL 444 is comprised of 2,358 square kilometers (582,674 gross acres) and PEL 112 is comprised of 1,086 square kilometers (268,356 gross acres). Both licenses are located on the south western flank of the Cooper/Eromanga Basin in the State of South Australia.

Major E&P companies participating in our surrounding blocks include Senex Energy, Drillsearch Energy and Strike Energy.

PEL 444

PEL 444 is located in the prospective “Western Oil Fairway” of the Cooper/Eromanga Basin in South Australia.

One recent oil discovery was made by Beach Energy in September 2014 in its PEL 104 which is located south of Holloman Energy’s PEL 444. Management believes this discovery reinforces the E&P potential of PEL 444.

PEL 444: Permian Onlap and Migration Pathway Model

  • The Permo-Triassic section onlaps basement downdip from PEL 444
  • Permian source and migration pathways are isolated from the Jurassic section by a Triassic seal
  • Migration relies more heavily on movement through porous Cambrain Kallandeina carbonates

PEL 444: Recent Work Developments

February 2015

Our operating partner has secured financings for the upcoming drilling initiative and has begun area clearance

December 2014

Our operating partner has initiated the process of acquiring permits and heritage clearance in support of the upcoming drilling campaign in 2015 for PEL 444

November 2014

Our operating partner announced the completion of interpretation of the reprocessed Wingman 3D Seismic Survey along with the identification of eight prospective locations suitable for drilling exploratory wells

October 2014

Our operating partner signed a letter of intent with Hunt Energy and Mineral Pty. Ltd with regard to a drilling service agreement whereby Hunt Energy will provide drilling services for up to 6 wells in PEL 444

September 2014

Our operating partner announced the completion of the incremental reprocess of PEL 444’s Wingman 3D Seismic Survey and commencement of interpretation process on the data

August 2014

Our operating partner has begun the reprocessing of the Wingman 3D seismic survey, which covers an 80 sq km area of PEL 444

PEL 112

PEL 112 is located approximately 35 kilometers west of the Cooper Basin sub-crop limit. Drilling adjacent to PEL 112 has resulted in discoveries with initial production rates of up to 3,000 barrels of oil per day. In 2008 to 2009 alone, eight new oil fields 30 km to 12 km from PEL 112 were discovered containing from 1 to 11 million barrels of unrisked in-place prospective resources. 

In August 2014, the Government of South Australia announced the bid winners for the newly released PELs, CO2013-A and CO2013-C in the Cooper/Eromanga Basin. Holloman Energy’s PEL 112 is located in-between the CO2013-A and CO2013-C blocks. Management believes the winning bids reaffirm management’s view of the prospective potential of our PEL 112 block. The new PELs were won by Senex Energy Limited and Bridgeport Energy Pty Ltd respectively for a total a combined investment of up to $59M.

PEL 112: Permian Subcrop and Migration Pathway Model

  • Permian section subcrops the base Jurassic unconformity downdip from PEL 112
  • Subcrop provides a direct conduit for migrating oil into the overlying section
  • Discontinuous shales and faults allow vertical migration within Eromanga Basin sequence

PEL 112: Recent Work Developments

November 2014

Our operating partner has commenced on the reprocessing of PEL 112’s Mulka 3D seismic survey.